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Cooking Classes in May & June

Hello everyone! How are you enjoying the Spring season? Because so many flowers start to bloom in Switzerland after the long winter, it makes me miss Japanese cherry blossom. Well, here there are many different flowers which I can enjoy a lot! The feelings are different, but both make me happy, and encourage me to […]

Intro Japanese Cooking Spring 2018

Cooking Classes in March & April

Cooking Classes in March & April >>> Schedules Calendar Sushi Basic 11 April / Avril (Wed/Me) 18h30 20 April / Avril (Fri /Ve) 10h 27 April / Avril (Fri / Ve) 18h30  Introduction Japanese Food <Spring/Printemps> 8 March / Mars (Thu/Jeu) 10h 21 March/Mars (Wed/Me)  10h   Fully booked 23 March /Mars (Fri/Ve) 18h30 24 […]


Gift voucher / Bon cadeau

Gift Voucher for a Cooking Class Bon Cadeau pour un Cours de Cuisine Special offer CHF200 for two vouchers! Hello all. Have you started to think about festive gifts? How about a MatchaGreen Gift Voucher for a Cooking Class? This is a great idea for someone who loves cooking ,who is intreated in Japanese food, […]


Cooking Class Schedule in December & January

There is new menu for Introduction to Japanese Food in this festive season for you. Also new class “Making Ramen” starts from January 2018. Il y a un nouveau menu pour Introduction à la nourriture japonaise dans cette saison festive pour vous. La nouvelle classe “Making Ramen” commence également en janvier 2018. Cooking Class / […]


New Cooking Class Schedule in October & November

Autumn! Discover new recipes at our cooking class. The schedule in October and November has been updated. L’automne! Découvrez de nouvelles recettes à notre cours de cuisine. Le calendrier en octobre et novembre a été mis à jour. Cooking Class in October & November : Cours de cuisine en octobre et novembre  


Holiday Cooking Class

Have you fixed all you and children’s activities during summer? If not, or you are looking for some activities, how about to have some Japanese cooking classes! <For children> There are two special classes during July and August. A: Making Sushi class for Child & Parent, B: Making Bento for Children (picnic lunch box). After […]

Vegetarian with Japanese Food (Gluten & Lactose Free)

Vegetarian with Japanese Food (Gluten & Lactose Free)

The earliest “SAKURA” has bloomed and it’s definitely Spring has arrived! I’m very happy to announce to you our new cooking class “Vegetarian with Japanese Food”. At this class, you can learn many Japanese vegetarian dishes with our traditional ingredients, and all of them are gluten and lactose free! >>> Vegetarian with Japanese Food  


Okonomiyaki & Yakitori cooking class

Do you like street food? Sushi is most famous Japanese food, but “OKONOMIYAKI & YAKITORI” are very popular for everyone.  This is a new cooking class at theMatchaGreen. Join and learn these yummy Japanese street foods!   Detail > okonomiyaki & yakitori cooking class  


Sushi for Valentine

What are you planning for the Valentine’s day coming? How about making sushi? Sushi is not only the maki rolls or nigiri that you are familiar with. These lovely shapes are also sushi. In this class we will be making special sushi shapes suitable for the romantic event and maki rolls. It will be a […]

present 2017 jan

Competition for new year 2017!

Happy new year! Bonne année! あけまして おめでとうございます。(akemashite omedetou gozaimasu) 2017, what is your resolution? Mine is updating more Japanese recipes on this website, and to carry on our cooking classes in Switzerland. My cooking world has been changing a lot since I started my blog. We now have Facebook (our page on Facebook) and Instagram (our page on […]

intro japanese

Thank you for all!

Hello everyone. The year 2016 has almost finished. You might still be full after Christmas, but the new year is coming very very soon, so the festive season is not finished yet! I’m very happy to add the new Japanese cooking class on our list. There are several different classes including the new “Introduction to […]


Gift Voucher / Bon Cadeaux

Gift Voucher for a Cooking Class Bon Cadeaux pour un Cours de Cuisien Special offer CHF100! before 30th November Hello all. Have you started to think about festive gifts? How about a MatchaGreen Gift Voucher for a Cooking Class? This is a great idea for someone who loves cooking ,who is intreated in Japanese food, […]