New Cooking Class Schedule in October & November

Autumn! Discover new recipes at our cooking class. The schedule in October and November has been updated. L'automne! Découvrez de ...
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Holiday Cooking Class

Have you fixed all you and children's activities during summer? If not, or you are looking for some activities, how ...
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Vegetarian with Japanese Food (Gluten & Lactose Free)

The earliest "SAKURA" has bloomed and it's definitely Spring has arrived! I'm very happy to announce to you our new ...
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Okonomiyaki & Yakitori cooking class

Do you like street food? Sushi is most famous Japanese food, but "OKONOMIYAKI & YAKITORI" are very popular for everyone ...
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Sushi for Valentine

What are you planning for the Valentine’s day coming? How about making sushi? Sushi is not only the maki rolls ...
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present 2017 jan

Competition for new year 2017!

Happy new year! Bonne année! あけまして おめでとうございます。(akemashite omedetou gozaimasu) 2017, what is your resolution? Mine is updating more Japanese recipes on this ...
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Thank you for all!

Hello everyone. The year 2016 has almost finished. You might still be full after Christmas, but the new year is ...
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Gift Voucher / Bon Cadeaux

Gift Voucher for a Cooking Class Bon Cadeaux pour un Cours de Cuisien Special offer CHF100! before 30th November Hello ...
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Attention for Subscring MatchaGreen!!

Do you notice the section on the bottom of this page for subscribing MatchaGreen? I'd like to say thank you ...
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Up coming cooking classes

The festival season is coming. Why don't you take a cooking class while you can still find the time! Sushi ...
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freeze cooked rice

How to Freeze Cooked Rice

How to freeze cooked rice. I love rice.  I eat almost everyday, at least once in a day. I know ...
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cooking tools

Cooking Class for Children / Cours de Cuisine pour Enfant

*L'article en français après celui en l'anglais. Merci Hi everyone. Are you enjoying the summer which has finally arrived in ...
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Upcoming cooking class from Autumn 2016

Cooking Class : Tofu & Miso Hi everyone, the holiday season is coming soon! I'd like to announce the upcoming ...
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March 3rd is "Hina-maturi (ひな祭り)". This is a festival for girls, and we pray for a girl's healthy growth. We ...
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Championnat romand des cuisiniers amateurs 2015

It was 7:45 in the morning on 21st November 2015 at Chavannes-de-Bogis (near Geneva) - it was still dark outside! ...
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origami hako


Have you ever done "Origami (折り紙)"? This is the well known Japanese paper craft. Here I have made little boxes to ...
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明けまして おめでとうございます。

明けまして おめでとうございます。 2016年も宜しく御願いいたします。 ...
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sesame grinder

Sesame grinder

Sesame seed is gathering attention as an anti-ageing food, which is supposed ...
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soy sauce in a jug

Soy Sauce

Soy sauce (醤油:しょうゆ) Which condiment is your favourite? For me it's soy sauce (醤油:しょうゆ). What a great condiment this is! Sho-yu ...
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Yes, you know Ryokucha, also known as "Green tea". This Houjicha (ほうじ茶) is the same as  ...
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This looks like ... ? Is it a kind of biscuit, hmmm ...
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Do you have a calendar at home? I love any beautiful paper crafty thing. Calendars are one example, because we use ...
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The final : Championnat Romand des cuisiniers amateurs 2015

The finals of the Amateur Cooks' Championship for French-speaking Switzerland. Spoiler alert: I won it! I saw the latest update ...
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mini tong

Mini tongs

Mini tongs These mini tongs are greatly recommended by my sister in Japan. I've already got several cooking tongs, so I ...
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Do you like foods which have a strong smell and unusual texture? It sounds awful! but it's yummy. "Nattou ( ...
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Instant ramen

I was listening to Japanese radio today, and it was about Japanese food among the tourists in Japan recently. The ...
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Morges Tulip festival 2016

今年はスイスも暖冬です。桜も早い?と思いきや、桜は一度ググっとした寒さがあってこそ、蕾が膨らむそうです。 ...
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